Course Duration :  1 Year

Eligibility Criteria : SSC Passed

Career Options – As Interior Designers in Architectural & Civil Firms, Freelance Interior Designers

Area of Studies

  • Visual Arts  –  Principles & Elements of Design, Color Theory
  • Graphics  – Orthographic Projections, Anthropometric Study, Presentation Techniques, Isometric Views, Perspective (1- Point & 2- Point).
  • Construction – Brick Masonry & Stone Masonry, RCC Structure& Framework, Arches & Lintels, Staircase and Railings, Trusses Doors and Windows, Wooden Joineries.
  • Building Materials – Timber, Plywood, Glass, Stones, Cement Mortar, Concrete, Tiles, Paints & Polishes, Furnishing and Cladding Materials, Plastics (Application), Steel & Aluminum (application)
  • Building Services – Water Supply System, Sanitation and Sewage disposal, Electrical, Overview of AC & Natural Ventilation.
  • Interior Treatments – Acoustics and Illumination
  • Estimation – Procedure of Estimation for Small furniture unit.
  • Designs – Residence, Commercial Office

Value Additions


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