You must be an extremely creative person with an eye for style, to become a fashion designer and join MSC fashion designing course. Fashion designers are an individual who creates and conceptualise outfits that clothing companies will sell to consumers. They discover what people will consider stylish and hip and follow current fashion trends.

If you are interested in becoming a fashion designer then you must join IIDT, the most renowned MSC fashion designing institutes in Nagpur. You must also have an eye for what looks good on individuals, there are many chances to get into the business. As you would expect, to become a fashion designer, you must have a great interest in clothing and fashion fads. It is advisable to follow fashion magazines and watch fashion shows to get ideas for trends and new designs. Try to discover what will be popular in the future and think of ensembles that could fit these new trends.

If you don’t already,it is a good idea to learn how to sew and make clothing. Having a knowledge of how garments are made will help in the design procedure, though a professional designer is not usually needed to create the clothes themselves. It is also not bad to have these skills to create basic prototypes of your design ideas so that you can more readily promote them.

A good fashion designer must have the ability to make precise and detailed designs for their clothing thoughts. Part of this is having knowledge of different fabrics and textures, knowing how to draw accurate the ability to select and mix the colours, along with the body symmetries.

1st Year

  • Apparel Merchandising
  • Traditional Indian Textiles
  • Designer Garment Knock offs
  • Market Survey
  • Project
  • Internship

2nd Year

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Projects
  • Research work
  • Costume Designing (Play, Dance, Characters etc.)

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